Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blood Honey: End of Level Slides and More.


I have re-designed the Daddy Long-legs and Stag Beetle bosses. I am happy with the results, but I do think they'll be tricky to animate and to script. 


Daddy Long-legs (Fig 1)


Stag Beetle (Fig 2)

The New End of Level Slides

These are the new slides that are shown after defeating the bosses:


After Defeating the Daddy Long-legs (Fig 3)


After Defeating the Stag Beetle (Fig 4)


After Defeating the Final Boss (Fig 5)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Limbless Assassin

The Story:

Ivan the Bear is a loyal Teddy Bear who is loved by his owner, Rhian. Rhian loves Lollipops - however, so do all of Rhian's greedy toys. When Rhian leaves the room, her toys try to steal her lollipops. Ivan, the loyal bear, does not stand for this and tries to protect them.

Many years ago, Ivan stood up to the toys, but they ripped off all of his limbs - so now Ivan straps blades onto his stumps and launches himself at his greedy foes. Ivan is prepared to die protected these treasured Lollipops.Protect them or die trying!


This is a new idea which I am planning to work on once I finish Blood Honey. I really want to make something that can be used on smartphones and this is one of my ideas. From my own mobile gaming experiences, I don't think that touch screen D-Pads work very well so I had to think of a more suitable way of controlling Ivan. Instead of the D-Pad, the player will have to swipe in the direction they want the to launch Ivan. Enemies will explode once hit and this will build momentum, causing the character to fly around the screen at a quicker pace and racking up combos.

The game's camera will remain static and enemies can emerge for either bottom right, top right, bottom left, top left or directly from above. They will try to steal the magical lollipop from the middle of the screen and the player will have to fling Ivan at them. Once the lollipop has been eaten, the game will be over. So you will have to last until Rhian arrives back at home.

This is still early days and the idea will need to be fleshed out, so there will be more to come.


With Spikes


Without Spikes

Friday, July 20, 2012


I have started working on Blood Honey again, after having a few months off and I am happy with my progress. I have decided to make three levels instead of the initial one and all three levels will have a boss.

I have a rough demo of how the game will operate, but it is still in its very early stages.

I have the giant spider that will be the final boss, but the two additional bosses will be a 'Daddy Long-legs' and a Stag Beetle.

The "Daddy Long Legs"


- Level One's Boss
- Shoots Bullets that split into three
- Swipes at player with cane
- Hovers up and down

The Stag Beetle


- Level Two's Boss
- Shoots using a turret that fires up and down
- Charges at the player
- Incredibly tough

New Backgrounds

These backgrounds will be looping.


Level One's Background


Level Two's Background


Level Three's Background

I will post more updates on my work in the following months.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blood Honey: I'm still working on it

I've started working on the Blood Honey project and even though it's incredibly early on, it's looking pretty good.

I have made all of the menu screens function-able , with an intro included.

As for the gameplay, I have a looping background and the main character can be controlled and the player can shoot his pistols.

This is all I have to report, but when I get time in December I am going to add the enemies, give the main character lives and then have the character fire a missile from his sting, when the Space bar is pressed.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween: Zombie Surveillance Game

Okay, Zombie games have been done to death... I'll grab my coat.

Bad puns aside, I have an idea for a game, but only time will tell if I will ever get to work on it. Anyway, here goes:

You play as the Chief of Zombie Security - This is an important position during the dreaded, yet awesome Zompocalypse. The Chief of Security must watch the CCTV cameras that are placed around the most populated parts of the city. Whenever a zombie/ zombies are spotted - the Chief must alert one of the Zombie Death Units to deal with the problem.

There are limited number of units and different unit types to deal with the different zombie groups. If too many units, or the wrong units are sent out, they could get destroyed, or maybe there won't be enough units to deal with the zombie infestation in other areas - So this game is based around strategy.

As you progress through the game, more zombie types appear, you receive new units and more CCTV cameras are added.

Obviously, this idea still needs a lot of thought and work.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Good News - Yet No Updates

Sorry about the delay, but I've been too busy to work on the Blood Honey project, therefore I have no news on the subject.

For the past few weeks I have been working in Düsseldorf and during this time I received some fantastic news - I have accepted a new, permanent role, which I am very excited about. It has nothing to do with game design, but it's a fantastic opportunity. So these are the reasons to why I haven't been working on my project. Hopefully, I will still find the time to work on it, but I feel that the new, increased travel time to work, will stop the process until my partner and I move closer to London.

I will still try and update my blog every month.

Mmmmmm, beer

Monday, August 29, 2011

Blood Honey: Sweet Revenge (Update Part 1)

I haven’t got much to say, but this month has been focussed on the menus and the images that will be used for the introduction.



The Credits Screen (Fig 1)


The Main Menu Screen (Fig 2)


This is the Option Menu (Fig 3)

The Intro Stills


Still 1 (Fig 4)

Still 1 – This still will introduce the player to the corrupt world where the game will take place, Ajax (formerly known as Dolph) and his honey empire.


Still 2 (Fig 5)

Still 2 – This is the evil tyrant who wants Ajax’s business, to enslave all of the honey bees within it and then force them to work in this factory. In the last paragraph he will order his Fly squad to kill Ajax and his family.


Still 3 (Fig 6)

Still 3 – Ajax’s house is raided. The soldier executes Ajax and his family.


Still 4 (Fig 7)

Still 4 – Ajax wakes up to find that he’s now 75% cyborg and that a professor has saved his life. The professor explains that the tyrant has captured the whole factory, enslaved their species and now Ajax is the only one who can save them.


The intro thumbnails (Fig 8)

Original Concept Sketches


Original Sketch 1 (Fig 9)


Original Sketch 2 (Fig 10)


Original Sketch 3 (Fig 11)


Original Sketch 4 (Fig 12)


Random Sketch (Fig 13)